The sun is powerful.  Sunfinity Solar is harnessing the limitless energy produced by the sun to power your home. 

• Bringing greater control over your monthly electricity costs by locking –in a low rate

• Saving you money by lowering your energy costs

• Helping you get started for little or no cost

How Your Home Solar Panels Produce Home Energy

The only thing simpler than how solar works is how easy it is to get started with a money-saving Sunfinity Solar system.


Why solar now?  Why not?

Your electricity bills are not in your control, which means you pay charges that are in someone else’s hands.  You need a lower cost solution for electricity.  Solar energy is the solution for you.

• Solar power systems pay for themselves, beginning on day one 

• Solar costs have improved dramatically over the past five years

• A solar system increases your home’s value – since home values rise an average of $20 for every $1 reduction in annual utility bills

How Solar Works for You

Rays from the sun hit your roof’s solar panels with

particles called photons.

The panel converts the photons into electrons of electricity, which flow into an inverter that converts the power into alternating current (AC). AC power provides electricity for your home.

A bi-directional meter keeps track of the energy you use and the surplus energy your system generates. The excess energy is credited back to you and offsets the energy you use at night or on cloudy days.

Sunfinty Solar will give you the power to control your energy costs.


We offer several money saving solar plans for your home. Get started with solar for $0 down.