Pick a Plan that's Light for You.

Leasing a solar system has allowed customers to switch to solar and save money on energy costs.  It’s familiar because like your current electric utility bills, you pay monthly - only you’ll pay less. By leasing your solar system, you are able to secure your solar electricity rates for up to 20 years.

With multiple payment options, you control how and when you pay for your electricity.

  • Sunfinity Solar® owns and maintains the system.
  • You lock in your electricity rate with us for 20 years and usually pay less than your current monthly bill.

This year, thousands of families like yours all across the country will see the light of solar. 

We customize your solar plan to fit your home, your usage and your budget. Whether you choose a lease, PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) or a finance plan to purchase a system, we're here to get you up and saving quickly - often with no upfront costs.


The Sunfinity Solar

Most people prefer to own their home solar systems.  That’s why Sunfinity Solar® offers hassle-free financing with lots of advantages – fast approvals, low, fixed interest rates, and no upfront payments. You enjoy all the benefits of federal tax credits and rebates as well as any available local offers.

  • You’re purchasing an advanced solar panel system of the highest quality and workmanship.
  • Choose finance terms that let you own your system outright, fast.
  • Most loans we offer are unsecured, not requiring you to use your house as collateral.
  • We’ll custom design a system that’s most efficient and appealing.
  • We provide expert installation by solar professionals.​

The Sunfinity Solar