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Ownership - Simple Financing

Which clean, planet-saving, 
renewable energy source 
has become the safe, practical
and affordable superstar? 
The sun!

Pick a Plan That Is Right for You

A lease agreement allows customers to switch to solar and save money on energy costs.  It’s familiar, because like your current electric utility bills, you pay monthly - only you’ll pay less.

Save the planet

The Sunfinity Solar

The power to significantly reduce your home’s impact on the environment is in your hands. And so is the way to reduce your cost of electricity. When you go solar, it’s a nice reflection on you.​

Lease - Proven Affordability

If your home qualifies, you can start enjoying all the benefits of an advanced Sunfinity Solar system right away and pay $0 upfront. And best of all, you control the future. You can lock in your rates for the next twenty years, so you never have to worry about scary and unpredictable hikes in utility rates.

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Get Started Saving with Solar 

Go solar, and save money with Sunfinity Solar

Want to own your solar system? Sunfinity Solar can help you do that. In fact, we will customize your solar system based on your particular needs.

Based on the tremendous 
growth and acceptance of 
residential solar in the U.S, 
there’s only one word to 
describe the future:

Sunfinity Solar will customize your solar plan to fit your home, your usage and your budget. Whether you choose a lease, or a finance plan to purchase your solar system, Sunfintiy Solar is here to install your solar system so start saving quickly - often with no upfront costs.


The Sunfinity Solar

Some people prefer to own their home solar systems.  That’s why Sunfinity Solar offers smart and affordable financing with lots of advantages – fast approvals, low, fixed interest rates, and no upfront payments or penalties associated with traditional solar panel loans.  You enjoy all the benefits of federal tax credits and rebates as well as any available local offers.