Our convenient lease and PPA plans are designed to fit your budget as perfectly as our

low-profile roof systems fit your home. If you prefer, you can purchase your Sunfinity Solar® system and start taking advantage of federal, state and local tax credits and incentives.

No matter which plan you choose, we want you to shine. That’s why we provide

the latest, most advanced equipment in the industry, 24-hour remote monitoring

and exceptional customer service and repair. 

Switch your home to clean, renewable, solar energy today. You’ll be doing the

right thing for both your pocket and the planet. 

​A World Without Electric Bills

A solar panel system eliminates your electric bill completely or reduces it so

dramatically that electricity cost are no longer a significant factor in your budget.

Electric rates have grown 2.5% - 7% per year over the last 20 years. Since electricity prices

are guaranteed to continue rising every year, your saving will continue to grow every year over the 25-30 year-lifespan of  your solar system.

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​Thanks to innovations in financing, manufacturing and technology, it's never been easier or more affordable to go solar. Most Sunfinity Solar customers find they can save from 20% to 40% on the cost of traditional energy.

If your home qualifies, you can start enjoying all the benefits of an advanced Sunfinity Solar system right away and pay $0 upfront. And best of all, you control the future. You can lock in your rates for the next twenty years, so you never have to worry about scary and unpredictable hikes in utility rates.

Our solar-saving experts are ready to show you the light.     

The power solar energy

has to help reduce the

earth's dependence on

fossil fuel increases

every day. And so does

the number of people

who discover how

much less of their hard

earned money

has to be spent on

home energy.

Come Up to Solar with Nothing Down