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Solar Energy for Commercial Use

Our team brings an extensive depth of solar experience to sort through the technology options, provide realistic production and payback projections and explain your cash or financing options.  We ensure you have the information you need to make the best decision for your and your organization. 

America’s leading companies use solar energy.

Pay less for energy with Sunfinity Solar

Solar energy is smart business.

At Sunfinity Solar, our focus is you, the energy user. We work with you from initial concept and design through financing and installation of clean, renewable solar energy systems.  From start to finish and beyond, we help you make smart energy decisions.

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Discover why leading companies have increased their solar capacity by 240% since 2012.  From tax credits and rebates to cost controls and the clear environmental benefits, solar is a smart business decision.  It has never been more affordable or easier to go solar.  

Solar works for your organization.