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Lock in Low Monthly Rates

Save when you install solar panels on your home.

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Lower Your Energy Costs

The sun does all the work, and you pay less for your energy when you install solar.

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Choose Sunfinity Solar

We’re passionate about saving our planet and saving you money.

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Five Easy Steps to Solar

Step into the sunshine with solar power. It’s easy, clean and affordable.

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Let’s get started to qualify you for solar.

Fast Facts for Solar

Sunfinity Solar Plans & Services

Sunfinity Ownership

You choose: pay for your solar system via a loan or pay with cash. You own your system either way.

Sunfinity Lease

If leasing the system is a choice that appeals to you, we offer that option, too.

Go solar with either Sunfinity Lease or Sunfinity Ownership, and start saving today on your electricity bills. You can pay as little as $0 down, and begin to see a difference in your monthly spending on electricity costs. Sunfinity Solar offers a top notch performance guarantee as well as free monitoring, maintenance, repairs and insurance. Let us be your solar partner, and begin to take control today of your electricity costs.

Thanks Sunfinity!

Awesome! The communication was outstanding with the various contacts I had within the Sunfinity Solar. The turnaround in plans, permits,...

Kathy D

We are very happy!

We were very happy with the entire process. From beginning to end Sunfinity kept us informed of everything. The installation...

Dave F

I would rate a Sunfinity a 10+

Talked to a friend that owns a house but said was not ready for solar and Making payments on 2...

Larry A